About JNF Logo Products

I am Ron Kriss.  I currently serve as President of JNF South Florida Region after completing 7 terms as President of JNF Miami Region. I care deeply about Israel and Jewish National Fund.

For years, I was a bit envious when I went to Jewish events and saw others wearing lapel pins or other logo products that identified the organizations that they were involved with.  JNF did not have a comparable set of products.

Our Blue Box brand is iconic -- and I believe we should try harder to expose it in Jewish circles.    When I pressed the point, JNF offered me a license to produce quality JNF logo products, at my own expense and my own risk.

The goal of this project is to expose our brand in Jewish circles.  The thing all these products have in common is that they get the conversation started about JNF.  Whether it's a kippah you wear to synagogue or a baseball hat you wear to the JCC ballgame, people who see them are likely to ask what's going on lately with JNF, and it opens the door to letting them know about our recent projects and our forthcoming events.

If you're checking out my website, you are likely a JNF lay leader or donor, and like me, you probably identify with JNF and care about its success.  I hope you'll share my vision and use these products to get the word out about the vital impact we have on the life of every person in Israel.

Under my agreement with JNF, 75% of my profits from sales at JNF events goes to JNF; 50% from sales from the link in jnf.org; and 25% from all other sales.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm not doing this to get rich.

I welcome your input and especially your orders!   

Ron Kriss


(305) 323-9119